Saturday, January 3, 2009

"Mind the light"

A recent "Daily Fox" from Quaker Jane's website was an excerpt from George Fox's Epistle 4.  I read and loved the rest of the epistle and needed to put an excerpt here as well.  It's simultaneously simple, direct, and hauntingly mysterious.  I feel like I'm only on the threshold of understanding it.

"Mind the light, that all may be refreshed one in another, and all in one. 
And the God of power and love keep all Friends in power, in love, 
that there be no surmisings, but pure refreshings
in the unlimited love of God, 
which makes one another known in the conscience, 
to read one another's hearts. 
Being comprehended into this love, 
it is inseparable, and all are here one
And keep in the oneness, 
and note them that cause dissension, 
contrary to the gospel you have received; 

that one pure faith may be held in all, 
to guide and preserve all in the unity of the spirit and bond of peace; 
all one family of love, children of one father, and of the household of God."

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