Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Carolingian Dialogue

Pepin:  What are the heavens?
Alcuin:  A spinning sphere, a vast summit.
Pepin:  What is light?
Alcuin:  The visage of all things.
Pepin:  What is the day?
Alcuin:  The impetus to work.
Pepin:  What is the sun?
Alcuin:  The light of the world, the adornment of the heavens, the grace of nature, the splendor of the day, the dispenser of hours.
Pepin:  What is the moon?
Alcuin:  The eye of night, the bringer of dew, the foreteller of storms.
Pepin:  What are stars?
Alcuin:  A painting of the heavens, guides for sailors, ornaments of the night.
Pepin:  What is rain?
Alcuin:  A reservoir of the earth, the begetter of crops.
Pepin:  What are clouds?
Alcuin:  Night in the day, work for the eyes.
Pepin:  What is wind?
Alcuin:  A disorder of the air, changeableness of water, dryness of land.
Pepin:  What is the earth?
Alcuin:  The mother of growing things, nurse of the living, the pantry of life, she who consumes all things.

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